Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Aim= Perfectly Imperfect

Ive been thinking about vrikcrokti (dont know the correct sandsktrit spelling). This term means slightly brocken. We are all vrkcrockti, somwhat brocken, imperfect. I did a lot of striving to be fully perfect for a long time and then punishing myself for my like of perfect perfection. Now I work on embracing the fact that that I am not perfect nor will I ever be perfect. Instead I strave to be imperfectly perfect. I understand that I have trouble areas but I can embrace my whole self and enjoy the playfulness of life during the fun times and through the challenges. A good friend of mine used to remind me the best I can be is human. When I feel myself getting mad at Kim I remind myself of this. I also remind myself that my friends, lover, employers, family, eveyone can only be human, that we all make mistakes, we all have things we are working through. My life goal is no longer being as perfect as I can be so the world, others and myself can give me the stamp of perfect approval. Instead I am aiming for a life playfully lived full of compassion, kindness and laughter for myself and others.

In praise of imperfection let your spirit soar, sprial and skip
life is a grand and sacred adventure dine in! Leap forth!
Take risks, go ahead, fall flat on you tush, alot
it is time.
No more doubt and self denial
no more wasted time worrying,
sitting on the side lines wishing you were playing
a secret revieled
we all tumble sometimes
getting muddy can be fun
learning to summersalt and stand up
blossom like the wildfloer you are
take this moment
this opputninity now
transform you life into one that is dynamic, sparkeling, guttsy, fully alive!
by the way perfection is over rated, and if you havent noticed NOT AT ALL POSSIBLE
there is beauty in asemetray
we are all alittle goofy, uneven, vrikcrokti (slightly brocken)
take your regeal seat in the galaxtic family
have fun, have fun, have fun
get over your own self sabatage
the world is waiting for you
have fun, have fun, have fun
get over your own self sabatage
the world is waiting for you
I was inspired by a poem that Amy Ippoliti shared on yogaglo.com

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