Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heart is Full of Gratitude + Sorrow

I have been teaching a Thursday night class at Avenues Yoga for a few months. I loved teaching night classes. I have taught morning classes at Aves for years at 8:30am which is terrific but the target audience for students is much smaller because of the time. Evening classes have the potential of really growing. However these past few months being pregnant I have had to get subs somewhat frequently from being sick or fatigued. I think its fair to the students to step a side so they can have a reliable teacher. I am hoping I can come back into this spot after the baby comes.

I had 10+ people in class it was great we rooted the thigh bones back and worked with good alignment into supta padangustasana B. After class I announced that I wouldn't be teaching the Thursday night class anymore and I got a lot of disappointed comments and faces. It makes me sad that my leaving is making them sad but it makes me happy and feel grateful that they appreciate what I have to offer.

This pregnancy has really taught me to listen to my body and not push myself to hard. Very similar to my yoga practice. I had a very intense passionate practice and I pushed myself right to my edge. I didn't take it easy on myself even when I started developing injuries. I would adjust my alignment but would keep up the intensity. Well I can no longer just power through and stick it out.

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