Sunday, October 13, 2013


The word ananda with a long "a" at the beginning meaning  as “vibration of bliss”, the long "a" is very important or the word becomes without bliss. We chant "ananda" in the second line of our invocation- “saccidananda murtaye.” Another translation of this word could be “deep contentment”. For me, the practice of yoga (specifically Anusara yoga) has brought me deep satisfaction and joy in life. It has fostered a feeling of calmness and happiness with in myself during the many fluctuations of life. I find myself not bouncing around in the extremes of emotion, but centering myself in my heart which is always content + fully rejoicing in it’s experience.

Definition of contentment (n)

  1. satisfaction: a feeling of calm satisfaction
  2. something that makes somebody contented: a circumstance, or a feature or characteristic of something, that gives rise to satisfaction

Definition of bliss (n)

  1. complete happiness: perfect happiness
  2. spiritual joy: a state of spiritual joy

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