Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In A Rut?

Thursday's anusara class
Poe. First principle: side bodies long, collar bones broad. Muscle energy: arm bones back
Theme: someone asked the question on Tuesday: why is it hard to start new healthy habits and easy to stay in bad habits? Answer: Samaskaras
Antidote: rut in the road

Like a deep groove or rut in the road, a samskara is a tendency/habit/path that we keep tracking into. It is easy, comfortable, and our tendency to steer toward and fall right into it. There are only two ways to break out of a well dug samskara. First, we have to be aware of and acknowledge our tendency or habit and second, we have to create a new pattern. This is easier said then done. Think about this deep groove in a road, that is not only hard to get out of but to create a new groove is also hard. On top of that the new groove won't be as deep as the old more used one so to not slip back out of the new and fall back into the old is hard. It takes patience, perseverance and playfulness (because I don't like taking myself to serious).

A pattern I have been working with recently is anger. Lately when I have been getting angry I visualize I am digging my anger samskara rut deeper. I don't want it any deeper! I work to redirect my emotions and attitude to be compassionate, understanding, and patient.  I again visualize but this time I'm seeping the rut of this new pattern. That visualization helps me to realize that I don't want to stay stuck in this unhealthy pattern. I want to form a deeper groove for health and happiness.  It’s up to us to step into the yoga and make better choices as we apply our awareness and willingness to be choose which pattern we step I to and reinforce. Are we staying in a negative habit that we are comfortable in or can we move into unknown creating the known in a new way.

In this class we will notice our natural tendency to shorten the spine and round the shoulders forward. These tendencies are strength with lazy posture. This is a very deep samsakara for many of us. Today we will be awareness and then action into creating and deepening another option: side bodies long, colar bones broad, head of arm bones back.

Mod surya B one side at a time with lunge

Lunge clasp hands
Anjaneyasana- L- standing hip stretch
Hrl twist- w2
W2 - rev W
L- Quad stretch - Dancer

Pigeon quad twist
L.l quad- ardha hanuman
On blocks chat prep sbl, broad, abb one side at a time then both
Pec stretch at wall 3x
Pincha manuyrasana 3x

Camel quad
Natarajasana strap 2x

Fish crunches
Table press into one hand at a time then both to activate kidney loop while maintaining low back curve
Supta twist
Thigh bone rooting passive symmetrical

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