Monday, September 29, 2014

Don't Let Life Get You Down

For the next month I will be subbing for my teacher Adam While he teaches some Anusara series in China! So cool. I am so honored I get to sub for such an amazing teacher. This is my class notes from this mornings practice. I felt very confident while teaching and I had several students come up after class to thank me and ask me questions. I am looking forward to subbing for him this month.

Class: Anusara at Centered City Yoga on Monday
Theme: Don't let life get you down instead rise up.
Antidote: on Sunday I had some plans: hike, garden, outdoor wedding reception to name a few. So when I woke up to a down pour of rain I thought what will me, my husband and my toddler do. Then I remembered that saying "Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond " we ended up going on a long drive and then doing some finger painting Halloween themed crafts. It was a great day. We can't control that life and gravity pull our physical body into a slouch. But we can control how we respond to that. Today in class we will respond by utilizing gravity pressing into our foundation so we can rise up!
Heart quality: co participate
Poe: first principle. Root to rise
Apex: Ustrasana
Props: 2 blocks, strap, blanket

-warm up-
Mod surya B with L one leg at a time 4x
Lunge fingers clasp in front of heart- standing hip stretch
W2 fingers clasp in front of heart
Lunge clasp hands behind back- standing hip stretch
W2 - falling Warrior
Anjaneyasana- lunge
2 blocks chat arm work
Hrl twist- w2
Mod. parsvak- Half moon chapasana
Lunge- tad quad- tadasana dancer
Pigeon quad
Blanket roll : Danurasana on belly
Blanket roll: danurasana on thighs
Ustrasana upright
Eka pada Ustrasana upright
Ustrasana full 2 blocks
-cool down-
Supta twist
Supta passive femur bone root

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