Thursday, September 11, 2014

Intentional or Habitual

Lately I have been thinking about the way we practice on the mat and how much, if any, it differs from the way we live off the mat. If we don't intentionally choice to practice differently we will practice our yoga postures with the same habitual misalignment's we practice off the mat. For example, if you work at a desk all day, then drive home and sit on the couch and then go to yoga and do a pose most likely your side bodies will be short and your arm bones will be forward and narrow, the same general slouching posture you were in all day. If we want to shift that habitual posture we have off the mat we have to stop reinforcing it on that mat.

This has really been settling into my brain lately.  And I love it. Yoga is a time I set a side so I can make healthier habits in my body, mind and heart.

I do this with my body already for sure. I make a point to do different more optimal physical alignment on the mat to help train myself to do better alignment off the mat. I also work to shift my attitude to a more joyful one, to train my heart to feel full and happy especially when my heart feels down off the mat.

However recently I have noticed that I don't make a point to change my mind from being habitual on the mat. Off the mat my tendency is to speed through my day as well as be hard on myself. I have noticed both of these mentally showing up on my mat. I am now reminding myself to slow down, hold poses longer, do less vinyasa and take a much longer shavasana or seated meditation. I have also been editing my mind talk to be positive and sweet.

I want my yoga asana practice to be a time I set aside to do things intentionally and not habitually so I can be healthier in my body, mind and heart.

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