Monday, September 21, 2015


Props: bolster, block, strap 
Theme: forgiveness 
Actively engaging the forgiveness process begins a journey toward deeper understanding and the rememberence that everything happens for a reason. When we can gain wisdom from past drama and traumas we gain knowledge. And looking back we can cultivate gratitude for the things that happened to us for helping us to grow, become more aware and bringing us to where we are now. 
Antidote: I watched a Maya and the Bee last night with my son which reminded me of this bee fun fact: when a bee gathers pollen to make nectar. The bee actually take a little poison along with the pollen, and when it's brought to the hive the poison becomes carefully transformed into nectar. This is like learning to turn a negative situation into wisdom and compassion. 
Quote: forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. - Mahatma Gandhi
I forgive, heal and release everything that consciously or unconsciously could delay or block the complete evolution of my being. - Mario Liani
Heart quality: forgiveness and compassion 

Choosing to forgive is an act of discipline with compassion for both yourself and anyone else involved. It's choosing to live more open and with ease instead of being weighed down with anger and regret. 

We can relate this to the Anusara alignment principle shins in thighs out (S.I.T.O), which we will be focusing on in tomorrow's class with an emphasis on the upper body so technically forearms in upper arm bones out. Just like it's an act of compassion to forgive, bringing lightness to our heart. Practicing S.I.T.O in the upper body is an act of compassion we take for ourself. The expansion we experience in the upper body releases held tension so, just like with forgiveness, we can experience more ease. 

How many years have you walked around holding a grudge because you didn't want to forgive a situation, and in doing so you were the one who held that poison and it made you sick. You might have been sick in this way for so long you don't even realize your sick. Just like with chronic tension in the body created by habitual posture. I know I walked around for years holding my body in a way that accumulated more tension in myself especially around my neck. I was so used to feeling so uncomfortable I didn't even realize the freedom I was missing until I discovered the blessing of alignment based yoga. Anusara to be exact. :) 

As you move through this class with compassion let yourself open up, release and forgive. Do you can move forward with more knowledge, ease and gratitude. What situation in your life can you bring some forgiveness to? For me a big person in my life who needed my forgiveness was myself. 

Warm up:
Sun a 3x 
Tadasana block sito arms 
Tadasana step back to lunge with block sito arms 
Table- AMS 

Partner down dog sito 
L clasp- L twist 
Dolphin block and strap 
Mod. Parsvak partner 
W2 clasp hands behind back- bow- Parsvak 

Anjaneyasana clasp opst elbows above head - Anjaneyasana quad 
Handstand at wall
Pincha at wall 
Dancer at wall sito arms 
Bridge strap around forearms 

Urdhva prep with bolster under back- head 2x

Cool down: 
Root femurs 
Cow face with arm and Kidney loop 
Fish twist with kidney loop 
Baddha konasana 

Shavasana optional supported supta Baddha konasana with bolster and 2 blocks 

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