Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tension is a Theft

Anusara yoga class! I offer Anusara Yoga Tuesday Thursday and Saturday @ 9am in SLC, UT at Metric Yoga
Theme: What are you offering?consciously respond vs. instinctually react. 
Antidote: "tension is a theft" - Vanda Scaravelli 
How often do we instinctually respond from a place of stress, fear or doubt. This sends tension throughout our body and into our life. On the mat make it a practice of being aware of the kind of energy you are sending out. When we are conscious of what we send out we can choose to send out ease, love and patience.
This is a daily and often a moment to moment effort. Noticing how you are responding to life, what energy are you offering and how is it effecting you and those around you. 
*Can you make your offering on the mat a practice for the way you offer yourself in your life, off your mat? 
*So often we blast our words, gestures,actions from a place of doubt, worry, fear. Instead can we consistently and softly assess and respond to what is really happening? This practice helps us turn away from tension of perceived problems and stay steady in reality with ease. 
*consider a current situation in which is causing you stress and draining your energy. In this pose practice evenly sending out energy of ease and peace with that situation in your mind. 
Heart quality: peaceful 
Upa: muscle and organic energy emphasis on focal point 

Warm up
AMS- plank 3x expansion 
Pigeon Active. Organic energy strongly blast energy clearing out the body 

AMS- 1/2 moon- w2- rev warrior 
3 leg AMS - high runners lunge- standing splits- handstand hop- lunge
Utt tippy toes handstand prep- handstand 
Pigeon- quad stretch 
AMS- half moon- w2- rev warrior- parsvakonasana  
L twist- L 
Dolphin 1 min 
Utt- clasp hands- tad clasp bands  

Danurasana prep knees bend hands clasp together 
Siraasana 1 min 
Childs pose 1 min 
Pigeon twist quad stretch 
Supta threaded needle 
Bridge extend leg
Urdhva dhanurasana 
Urdhva danurasana extend leg 

Cool down 
Supine T arm twist 
Supta root femur bone 

Notice the stillness, the evenness in your body. 

In all we do may we consistently refine how we offer ourselves. 

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