Thursday, April 15, 2010

Akshaya Tritya is on Friday...a very auspicious day

(I have learned about Akshaya tritya from Flow Yoga SLC, to learn more about Vedic astrology check out their Vedic Lectures

Akshaya tritya is approaching. Akshaya tritya is a very auspicious time according to the Vedic calendar when both the sun (Surya) and the moon (Chandra) are both in certain positions together along with the Shukla Tritiya tihi (third day after new moon). This year Akshaya tritya is from Friday April 16th at 1:15pm until saterday April 17th 6:15am.

There are many legends on this day, but two most popular ones are from Mahabharata.
1)When Pandavas on a 12 year exile, Lord Krishna gave a bowl to Pathram on the Akshaya tritya. This bowl was a Akshaya (that which never ends) Pathram and every food put in the bowl was never ending and she could feed everybody.
2) Sage Ved Vyasa is considered the one who wrote down the Mahabharata, but while he was writing he understood that he thinks faster then he can write, so he asked Ganesha to help him write down Mahabharata on this Akshaya Tritiya day.

Akshaya tritya is a great day to start anything new. …Just like spring. What seeds do you want to plant so you can cultivate and experience the beautiful flowers.

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