Saturday, April 10, 2010

Smile with your eyes

Your eyes express the energy of the whole body physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With this reasoning, changing your eyes can change the energy of your whole body. When we get upset or sad we hold our eyes with tension, this creates a negative energetic expression that moves throughout our whole being. When we are happy or excited we shine through our eyes and we can feel the energetic shift it makes throughout our whole body. Whenever I am sad and/or just feel horrible I try to smile because I know when I smile my eyes slightly twinkle and that little twinkle helps bring more happiness into my body even when I don’t feel happy.

The other day I heard a fun statistic….”the eyes expand up to 45% when you see something beautiful” the pupil expansion is the physical response to us experiencing Shri, which is the essential beauty of life.

Whenever we are in an asana pose we create Shri, we make beauty with our body and we can add even more beauty energetically by twinkling our eyes. The eyes shine with magical radiance. This cultivates a feeling tone of total bliss. Like we are saying with our eyes “I know I am intrinsically good and beautiful and I want to share my unique beauty and goodness with the whole world”. We can do this with our eyes.

When we sit at a desk all day, look at a computer… or are stressed out a natural response is furrowing our brow and tightening the muscles around our eyes. This cultivates and spreads the feeling tone of tension throughout our whole body. Not only do we then experience this tension that we created but we take this tense, stressed out energy into the world. By the action of the eyes we are choosing to contribute negativity, stress and fear into the universal energy. Why would you choose to contribute that energy to the whole instead of choosing to add a blissful “life is great, or maybe even fabulous!!” energy to the whole! I say choose because it is our choice. No one is making us hold our eyes in a certain way…that choice is ours. It can be hard to choose to create positive magical eyes when life is hard, but we can still make that choice.

So choose to bring more beauty into your asana practice and into your life by softening the tension around your eyes and shining and smiling with your eyes.

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