Friday, April 23, 2010

anusara immersion 1 part 2

So happy for my second section of Anusara immersion to start. I am learning so much about the principles of alignment, which are fabulous because they apply to every pose. in other traditions i have practice i needed to learn the alignment for each pose differently. i learned what alignment to do I virabhadrasana (warrior 1), the alignment in virabhadrasana 2 (warrior 2), Trikonasana (triangle pose), Succasana (seated position)...but in Anusara you use these five principles: open to grace, muscular energy, inner spiral, outer spiral, organic energy. and you apply these five principle in a dynamic way to every pose. Then there are more refinements that include the seven loops and shins in thighs is fabulous...My practice, my teaching, and my life is changing. I am so grateful for learning this wonderful practice of Anusara. I am learning to CHOOSE to align with grace, with Shri (beauty) and with the divine. This makes my happier, my mind calmer, and my relationships better.


  1. who was your anusara immersion teacher & can you recommend your teacher

  2. Hi Palma!
    I did my immersions with Adam Ballenger. He is a phenominal teacher with a greater understanding of the practice, really good at commincating really complex teachings into easy (or easier) to understand ways. And he has a strong commitment to serving others through yoga. He is based out of SLC UT. He is just finishing up his teacher training right now so he will probably be offering immersions soon. I would love to take his immersions again. A good way to contact him is through face book.

    Where do you live? I dont know if you have visited but they have tap for events and you can seach in your area and see who is offering what, or you can search for immersions and see what is avalible.

    Hope this helps.
    if you have anyother questions let me know.

    love and light,


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