Thursday, April 15, 2010

Muscular Energy, Organic Energy and The Focal Points

In Anusara yoga we focus on focal points within the body. These points lie on the central energy axis along the spine called the sushumna channel. We use these focal points as an inner drishti (gaze) to draw energy and collect energy in (muscular energy) and then to expand and extend energy out (organic energy).

There are three focal points: the core of the pelvis, the bottom of the heart, and the pallet of the mouth. In every pose we do, there is an active focal point.

The focal point of the pelvis is located at the bottom of the sacrum and the top of the coccygeal process. This focal point is activated in standing poses, seated poses and by default whenever the three focal points are in one line, like chaturanga dandasana and plank. So in these poses we draw energy and strength into the low belly. We find inner stability and then from the core of the pelvis we root down and extend out.

The focal point of the heart is located at the bottom of the heart and the top of the diaphragm. This pose is active in most arm balances and in AMS*. In these poses we draw energy into our heart. We find our inner strength and then from the heart we share and shine our beauty and energy from the inside out.

The focal point the palet is located at the upper palet. We draw our awareness to this point whenever the head is in contact with earth including sirsasana, sarvangasana, sethu bandha… In these asanas we draw into the roof of the mouth finding strength and balance and then we organically extend out through the crown, out through the toes, the skin, the eyes… sharing our radiance.

When we draw into a focal point it is called muscular energy. We draw in from the periphery toward the active focal point. We hug the muscles to the bone. I like to think of this drawing in action to be an opportunity to check on ones self. Am I honoring my body in the pose? Am I being healthy in my life? Am I taking me time? Am I doing things that make me happy? Through muscular energy we connect and remember our innate goodness, our inner radiance, and our authentic self.

From drawing the energy in, from connecting to our self, we then extend back out. This energy extension is called organic energy. Just like muscular energy is about uniting with the self, organic energy is about sharing our self and contributing to the whole. It is sharing and radiating our beauty with the whole. It is our way to play with the universe and add our unique beauty. It is connecting to our inner radiance and shinning back out from the focal point out through the limbs and through the skin.

We want to create a dynamic balance between muscular energy and organic energy. We don’t want just to be one but to have harmony. When we create this harmony between effort and ease, strength and flexibility… we can fully connect to our heart. If we are just muscular energy, just strength, stability, effort, steadfast we become ridged. If you imagine a big, dry, hard rigid tree and something stressful happens or a big gust of wind comes along the tree will snap and fall down. If we have too much organic energy, if we are to flexible and soft we get limp. Like a baby tree, a young sapling with shallow roots, when stress or wind blows the sapling will flail in the wind until it gets uprooted and falls over. This metaphor is a good example that we can’t just have one we need balance. We want to be like bamboo, strong yet flexible. Remember, however, that this balance is dynamic it will change and shift from pose to pose and day to day.

May we always remember to connect to our self, to remember our inner beauty and then choose to share our beauty and heart with the whole.

*Audo Muka Savasana

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