Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Elena Brower, Yoga of living course

(it has been awhile since I hav posted, got home from Figi and was jet lagged badly for more then 3 days, but am starting to get back into the swing of things)

On June 23rd I was reading certified Anusara teacher, Christina Sell’s blog. She was talking about her friend certified Anusara teacher, Elena Brower. Christina said “the thing with Elena is, she is always examining herself. She is always looking for a doorway in. In--to her heart, in--to a deeper connection, in--to some corner of herself she has avoided seeing and needs tending to and in that watching, in that self-examination she continually touches a very holy place. She not only invites others to do the same for themselves, but she makes it safe for them to do the sometimes frightening work of Looking Inward.”

I was SOO interested. I also think it is important to look at ourselves. Look into the dark spots that can be scary and see how those dark frightening places can help us find discover more about who we are. This self examination can help teach our self that instead of avoiding those scary spots, that we can actually use them for greater transformation and revelations. I thought Elena sounded lovely and I knew I wanted to learn more about her and what she has to offer…

After getting home from my trip and un packing I started look into Elena. I found wonderful video, articles…May favorite thing (so far) that I have found was a course that Elena Brower offers called “Yoga of Living Course”, Elena writes “In these 5 days, you’ll learn to practically observe yourself with no judgment, in order to release limitations and refine your relationship to yourself. You’ll build trust and steadfastness in your inner life, and experience more trusting connections in your outer life…Steady, diligent practice is everything. Do this for yourself – these 5 days will yield more clarity and ease in your work or creative life, your relationships and every interaction.”

In this course Elena gives an assignment, gives you something to focus on for one day along with some journeying homework to reflect on your experience.

I am looking forward to this “invitation to observe and deconstruct the veils [I’ve] placed between [my] brain and [my] heart, as well as the walls [I’ve] constructed blocking love in all its forms from [my] life and experiences.” ( I switched the yous with I’s)

This week teaching schedual: WED Flow yoga slc EMX 9:15-10:30am, The Yoga Center 5:40-7:00pm. FRI my morning class will be subbed I have a 5 hr ourientation at the U of U. SUN 10:15-11:30 (this class should be fun :))

Upcoming events for this week!!!!

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