Monday, July 26, 2010

upcoming teaching schedual...classes and workshops :)

I am really excited for my upcoming teaching schedule I picked up a new weekly class at the yoga center and I am subbing a lot. Here is my upcoming classes/ and workshops:

Wednesday 28:
9:15-10:30am flow yoga EMC
4-5 The yoga center
5:40-7 The yoga center

Friday 30:
9:15-10:30 flow yoga EMC
5:40-7:40 THE PRATICE!!! The yoga center

Tuesday 3:
4-5 the yoga center

Wednesday 4:
9:15-10:30 flow yoga EMC
5:40-7 the yoga center

Thursday 5:
12-1 the yoga center
4-5 the yoga center

Friday 6:
9:15-10:30 flow yoga EMC

Saturday 7:
9:00-10:15 the yoga center

9:15-10:30 flow yoga EMC
5:40-7:00 The yoga center

Thursday 12:
12-1 the yoga center

Friday 13:
9:15-10:30 Flow yoga EMC

Saturday 14:
1-3ish Yoga workshop Open your heart! At Uncle uncanny Music Festival

Sunday 15:1-3ish Yoga workshop Forward folds/ introspection At Uncle Uncanny Music Festival

Tuesday 17:
6-7pm Flow Yoga Sugarhouse

Wednesday 18:
9:15-10:30 Flow Yoga Sugar house
5:40-7:00 The Yoga Center
7:30-8:30 Flow Yoga Sugarhouse

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