Friday, July 9, 2010

Reflecting on Fiji day 4

Yesterday was so wonderful. A wonderful day of deepening my connection to my heart and the heart of the people here and the heart of the unity of the world. We found a wonderful Hindu taxi driver named “Sak” I believe, my mom kept calling him “Shakey”. I really enjoyed his company and his insight. Most of the people we encounter are Fijian, they tend to be heavy meat eaters and their main religion is Christian. Not that this is bad, but yesterday we went to a Hindu temple and I really wanted to talk about the deities so I feel very fortunate to have “Sak” as our driver, he said it is important not to eat meat when you visits the temple. The temple was so wonderful we were asked to dress modestly and to remove our shoes. As we approached the temple I could see the multiple bright colored murties and deities that towered high in the sky. I am sure I had a huge smile across my face as I asked Sak “is that Ganesha? Is that Lakshmi? Is that Krishna?…” Once we got there Sak told us we were lucky because there was a wedding that was ending. We saw the family gathered around as the new husband and bride walked out of the temple hand in hand. We also saw an old car that was pulled in pretty close to the temple with an old man walking around it saying mantra’s and making an offerings. (We found out later that this was a new car gift for the couple and the man was welcoming it into the family, removing evil and offering protection) after the man left we saw four limes smashed on the floor were the car once was (another way of removing evil).

We were told that we could take picture from outside the temple but once we entered inside the temple we could not. Surrounding the temple there were small rooms as with one big deity in each on well adorned with lots of flowers, mala beads, fruit, incense, ash…there was a Kali room, a Ganesha room, A Nataraja room. There was even a tree next to the temple that had many strands of sting circling it. Sak said if you are single and are looking for a man you take a sting and tie it around the tree…
Inside the temple was stunning; it is outside so there was a ceiling held up by many pillars and a few different small rooms in the corners of the temple and one big room in the middle. Just like outside these rooms were dedicated to certain deities. The ceiling was beautifully painted of scenes from The Mahabharata, The Bhagavad Gita, The Ramayana, the Upanishads… It was wonderful to look at the ceiling and somewhat understand what was going on. Sak was very impressed as I eagerly asked to see if I was understanding the scenes correctly. He would then explain just a little bit more so I could understand more fully.

I have studied and read these books many times and It was really nice going to something like this where I could feel all my love and knowledge bubbling up. He thought it was so cool that an American girl knew so much, he said do you study because it brings you happiness, peace, and makes you feel good. I replied “Yes!” As we were leaving the temple he said he knows someone who could burn me a copy of the Ramayana which is 30 DVDS. He also said he would find me some mala beads, and that I shouldn’t get them in Nadi because it would be too expensive and touristy. He also said his mom would make us some food on our next taxi ride.

We then went to a secret mud bath. Sak was very good at telling us what to do…cover your whole body, no white skin, dry completely (while drying he took pictures of us), re-enter the muddy water, wash off, then enter the hot holy water, step in little by little until you fully emerge yourself (face hair and all), don’t wash off again until you go to bed….(really quick summary, really fun, fabulous pictures to come on face book, even some muddy yoga shots)

As we were heading back to our hotel we stopped at the locals market. It was great, rows and rows of fresh fruit. As I was browsing an older man approached me trying to read my back. I told them what it meant. By now two men were there asking where I study, and so we were talking about Krishna. The old man’s eyes were filled of joy and we kept saying to each other “Hare, Hare Krishna” and “Ram, Ram”. It was so wonderful he then gave me two ripe bananas held them to his heart and with his eyes still full of joy gave them to me. It was such a wonderful moment, my heart felt like it was singing, even though we could barely understand each other we had the connection “Hare Krishna” and “Namaste”. The man left and we continued to look at the rows of fruit and as we were leaving the man came up to me again “Hare Krishna!” this time he gave me a whole bundle of bananas and he stroked my arms. Another wonderful moment B). Sak who witnessed this last encounter said that was a true blessing that I was very lucky, and it meant very good things. He said whenever a situation like that happens (a blessing) and you get touched, it is God touching you.

So wow what a wonderful day full of magic and love. As I look back over it I am reminded of The Bhagavad Gita. A simple narrated story about a young boy (Arjuna) deciding if he will fight in a war against his family and a conversation he has (with Krishna) while making his decision. All though this story sounds so simple it offers so much wisdom. For this story that the three ways to connect and serve Krishna (the Godhead). Through the body, action, karma. Through the mind, alignment, jnana. And through the heart, the will, attitude, bhakti.

In Anusara we use all three Karma, Jnana, and Bhakti both on and off the mat.
Hare Hare Krishna.

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