Friday, July 16, 2010

expansion and contraction

My past few blogs have mentioned the course I am taking from Elena Brower called Living Your Yoga. This course is intended to be a five day course where Elena tells you what your assignment is for each day and then gives you some homework questions to help you reflect on your day and how the assignment went. I did day one pause, where I focused on noticing physically in my body when I contract and when I expand. I worked with using my breath when I am in a contraction to bring about and active expansion. This was wonderful. It brought a lot of light to me about which situation and habits cause me to contract. And it also helped me learn that when I am contacting depending on the situation sometimes the breath removes the contraction completely and allows me to expand into love and acceptance. However I have also learned that shifting awareness in my breath when I am contraction doesn’t always make the contraction go away but it does help me stay present to what is causing the contraction, it helps lesson the contraction, and it helps me learn more about myself. The day after I did day one, which should have been the day of self acceptance, day two. As I went throughout the day I was just so aware of the pulsation of contraction and expansion I kept for getting about my day two assignment. So I decided to focus on day one for a week…. If you are waiting on my day two reflection you’ll have to wait a little longer. I am really enjoying this course and am grateful to Elena for offering such an accessible class to students.

*NEW CLASS: I will be teaching a new class 12-1 at the yoga center starting at the August 7th.

**Reminder later today is the practice with Jen at the yoga center 540-7. Tomorrow master workshop with Adam at lifted life yoga center 9-11am.


  1. I'm working on my homework - I had a good one today that used the breath to get me through!

  2. SO THANKFUL for your attentive effort! stay in touch and feel free to post comments on the Art of Attention group page... it'll help more of people find the course and make some positive shifts. much respect and gratitude~!/group.php?gid=104231356295137&ref=ts


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