Tuesday, October 5, 2010

new book, new class

I don’t like going so far btw posts so this is a quick recap.
I keep track of the yoga classes I teach in a little 5.5 x 8.5 sketch book. I finished my 5th book last week. In these books I write down my sequence either very detailed or a rough idea, my theme, the date, the type of class and the length. The focus is normally on the sequence. I have been trying lately to focus less on the specific sequence and overly pre planning the class and instead being open to the students and receptive to what they want/need for that class. As I start this new book my plane is to emphasis the theme, the main teaching point (ex. universal principles of alignment), and the specific language I want to be using. I will still include the date, name of class, and length. I also want to start writing a brief reflection after about how the class went, feedback I got, and/or insights.

I have so far taught two classes out of this book.

On September 28th I taught a class at the yoga center.
The class was mainly new students 40+ yrs old with a few seasoned 30 yr olds.
The main teaching point:1st principle....foundation, inner body bright... outer body soft.
Theme: staying grounded.
I wanted to do lots of balancing poses and talk about how we can support our self when we are balancing. I wanted the students to think about which part of themselves they connect with when they are balancing. "Where do you feel grounded?" "Where do you pull your strength from?" The places that we pull this strength from to physically stay grounded from is always available to us, whether we are trying to stay centered physically, mentally, emotionally, or all of the above.

I wanted to make a point to talk about grace. That grace is always avalible to us, and that grace is the force that reveals our true nature to us.

I wanted to continue to remind the students to think about what they love? Value? And cherish? And suggest
that they center their selves with an openness that these thoughts provide.

I told them that when I think about grace and opening to grace. I think about seeing something amazing and how it makes me feel inside. For example seeing the shining stars, the full moon, the vast ocean... these sights make me feel soft but when I see them I can’t help but stand taller, and prouder... knowing that I am deeply connected to that same beauty.

I again wanted to mention our natural tendencies that may come up while trying to balance or in life. The tendency to feel sad, angry, or full of fear. But that through the practice of physical postures (asana) we can help shift our tendencies and instead choose how to respond.

Side body long

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