Wednesday, January 2, 2013


It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in my emotions and even my hormones. I get angry and I am so attached to that feeling and the rage. Or I am being hormonal and let's face it, a little crazy. But I feel like I am justified to feel like that and feed it even more 

This is not a happy place to be. What makes me feel better is if I can distance myself from the parts of me that are always changing (emotions, moods, attitudes) and instead connect with the I changing energy that that I truelly, instead of connecting with this package my energy is held in called Kim.

One technique I use to create this space is by pausing and breathing and saying to myself or out loud "Kim is feeling really angry". Talking in third person helps me instantly reliaze I have a choice. I can get really tied into what Kim is feeling or I can be like "oh that's interesting, I don't want to feel angry so in going to keep a little space and perspective on this."

I recently went off birth control and my hormones had been extra intense. Sometimes my husband will point this out to me. When he does this I normally get defensive and upset. But then if I pause and again think "he is right Kim is being super hormonal and crazy. Haha that's funny".

It's like being in a roller coaster ride and forgetting that you are on an amusement park ride and think the experience of going up and down is their life. It's so dramatic. It goes up and it's so exciting and fun. There's the pause and the too filled with fear. There is the down and the swoops that are scary. However if you pause mid ride and think "(insert your name here)________ is on a roller costed ride." Then you create some space to enjoy the adventure knowing that the ups, downs, loops and swoops are all a part of this exciting adventure.

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