Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hanuman story time

There are many beautiful myths around the monkey God Hanuman. Here is one.
Being the child of the God of Wind Hanuman was born with many gifts. He was very mischievous when a youngster, one time mistaking the sun for a orange Hanuman leaped toward to sky to take a bite, the other Gods knew how much chaos would be created if Hanuman ate the moon so they prayed to Lord Brahma to find a solution. Brahma decided to put a curse on Hanuman to protect the world from his mischief by removing his knowledge of his powers. Note that he didn't remove Hanumans powers he just made him forget he had them. One of his powers is becoming very big and strong. However the only way this power is available to him, post curse, is if he or someone else (normally his friend Jambavant) reminds him of his powers.

When Hanuman was older he became a dedicated server of Lord Ram. A demon named Ravana kidnapped Rams wife Seeta and Hanuman volunteered to go after Ravana and bring Ram's beloved Seeta back. Hanuman chased Ravana to the edge of a vast ocean and then lost Ravana’s trail. Hanuman was defeated and there is page after page in the Ramayana of Hanuman’s thoughts, about how he let down Ram, how he can not do anything right, about how disappointment he was…. Then his little friend Jamabavant somewhat elbows Hanuman and reminds him of his power, of his past victories, of his strength. As Hanuman remembers he comes into integration and with this confidence gets big and strong and he leaps over the ocean.

Hanuman is my favorite Dieties. I absolutely love that in his adolesence he was machivious but as her grew up he found faith and devotion in Ram. I also enjoy this story because even Gods can feel defeated and even Gods need to be reminded of their greatness.

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