Monday, June 10, 2013

Adhikara + yoga sequence

Principle of emphasis: muscle energy, thigh loop

Heart Quality: Steadfastness, Enthusiasm

Theme: studentship (adhikara). Remaining teachable and staying receptive. When I think I know a pose and don’t have anything else to learn, I close myself off from expanding more in that moment and growing as an individual. When I approach a pose or life situation in a way that “I don’t know it all” + “what can this teach me?” not only am I more in the moment. But I also learn more about myself and about life. From practicing Anusara Yoga I now see life through new lens. I try to take every moment and situations (both good and hard) as opportunities that teach me how to love myself more, love those around me more and surrender to the flow of Grace. When I do this life is immensely better. I feel like I am going with the flow of life instead of feeling like I am in a fight with life.  

Quote: Paul Muller Ortega says (adhikara) "it's how you tend to the ground with in. So when the teachings come they can sprout and grow from the inside out


1.       Uttanasana - High runners lunge- parsvotanasana- high runners lunge one hand down twist

2.       Uttanasana- ardha uttanasana 3x

3.       Uttanasana clasp hands behind back- tadasana hands clasp behind back

4.       Tadasana half-moon side stretch

5.       Tadasana interlace hands above head palms face up toward sky (strong legs, inner thighs draw in back and wide, keeping thighs back root tailbone down, draw floating ribs in and arm bones back, from hips root down through floor and from hips extend up through arms)

6.       Handstands at wall

7.       Vinyasa- cobra prep (strong legs inner thighs broaden toward sky pinky toes spread toward ground, root tail bone down toward heels, draw floating ribs in shoulders back open heart toward sky)

8.       Vinyasa- instead of cobra do salabasana arms behind back

9.       Low lunge quad stretch (up right hips over back knee, front knee at 90 degree angle)

10.   Modified parsvakonasana – parsvakonasana

11.   Vira 2 – wide leg forward fold – scandasana bend back knee – ardha chandrasana

12.   Anjaniasana quad (deeper lunge low lunge with quad stretch be very diligent about keeping back thigh lifted, root tail bone down extending from hips through back knee and front heel)- ardha hanumanasana with manual ankle loop - Trikonasana

13.   Uttanasana – Utkatasana with twist

14.   Pigeon twist away from front knee, elbow on floor hands in Anjali mudra – twist toward knee opst. forearm on floor with quad stretch

15.   Supta parsva tadasana prep

16.   Parsva bakasana

17.   Setubandha

18.   Eka pada Setubandha

19.   Supta bend knees- one knee to chest, sole of foot to sky grab pinky side of foot mod. Supta padangustasana B

20.   Supta padangustasana B

21.   Supta root femur bones

22.   Shavasana

Nothing to do with this post. Just an adorable picture of my doggies

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