Friday, June 7, 2013

Hips and Hamstrings

Hip opening class for sugar space tomorrow. I have been focusing on leg alignment lately. In this class we will focus on:
  1. Muscular Energy: Tricks I like to use to engage legs are spreading my toes, that will get the calf's, front of the shin, and the feet to engage. Drawing the knee caps up toward to the hips, this will engage the quadriceps, and pushing into the feet and isometrically drawing the feet toward the mid line, the will engage the adductors. Its important get have strong muscular energy in the legs for steadiness and when we start rotating the legs we want it to effect the bones and if the muscles are not engaged it wont translate and affect the other bones.
  2. Expanding Spiral: pushing the feet into the floor draw your heels isometrically laterally and feel the spiral of energy that wraps around the legs and draws the inner heals, inner knees and inner thighs in back and wide.
  3. Organic Energy: from you pelvis scope your tail bone and pull your floating ribs down as you extend from your hips down through your feet. If one foot is lifted like in tree pose or ardha chandrasana you extend from the hips FIRST down into the standing foot and then from your hips through the lifted foot. After extending out through the legs you extend the torso up toward the sky.
Table - AMS- eka pada AMS- high runners lunge - parsvotonasana
Uttanasana - clasp hands behind back uttanasana - utkatasana
1/2 moon side stretch in tadasana
Surya Namaskar B
Tree pose
Kneeling modified parsvakonasana - kneeling modified ardha chandrasana
Modified parsvakonasana
Humble warrior
L.L quad - parsvakonasana - ardha chandrasana
Utthita prasarita padottanasana (twist)- forehead on block arm pits lifted
Trikonasana - ardha chandrasana chapasanasa - urdhvasa prasarita eka padasana chapasana
High runners lunge on forearms (block) - parsvotonasana
L.L twist hands in anjali- L.L twist  one hand down quad stretch
Pigeon quad - deep pigeon
Bridge or urdhva danurasana 3x
Sukasana stretch arms up over head - sukasana twist
Baddha konasana
Upavista konasana

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