Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Class Back

Notes from my Sugar Space Class, December 7th 9-10:30am by donation.

Principles of emphasis:
First principle: side bodies long, foundation of feet, melt heart
Second principle: muscle energy to help draw arm bones back
Secondary principles: twisting

Theme: 'tis the holiday season. Let's lengthen our side body to make room to fill ourself with holiday cheer + joy and play with twists to let go of stress + overindulges.

The sequence:
Bridget's cross modified one hand one forearm
High runners lunge
Utt rag doll
L.L quad -> anjaneyasana
Active pigeon
L.L twist
Plank sbl- knee to chest Bridget's cross hips down one hand one forearm
Utkatasana twist
Utkatasana twist one foot off ground -> L twist ->L.L quad twist ->vinyasa
Side crow
Supta side crow prep
Side crow
Anjaneyasana  -> ardha hanumanasana
Headstand prep or headstand
Galapers twist quad @wAll
Twisted janusirasana

This was my first class back after not teaching for my 2 month maternity leave. It felt sooo sooo good to be back. I had missed my students and teaching so very much. I was worried after not teaching for so long (this has been my biggest break in teaching for the last 8 years) that it wouldn't come back to me and I lost my teaching skills. But it came right back and felt so good.

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