Saturday, December 14, 2013

Upeksha Leads to Harmony

Heart Quality: Harmony

Theme: Upeksha (overview, big picture)

The Sanskrit word Upeksha comes from the root word “iksha” meaning view, gaze at, look upon, or reflect. The prefix “upa-“meaning over or beyond. I like to think of Upeksha meaning overlook. Not overlook as in ignore or to not see, more like a scenic overlook.

Antidote: Lets add a seasonal winter touch to this antidote… When I ride a chair lift I can see so much. I can see the bigger picture compared to when I am speeding down the mountain on my sweet tele ski’s, where I can only see what is in front of me. When I ski I love catching air over the rolling hills. However, when I am coming down the mountain I can see what’s on the other side of those hills, only what’s in front of me, the small picture. When I am on the chair lift I can see the bigger picture, I can see what’s on the other side, maybe there is a crash on the other side of that hill with multiple ski patrollers and someone on a backboard. With this bigger concept about what is going on I can more gracefully navigate the different parts and not jump off that hill.

This is true in my yoga postures too. When I get too focused on one aspect like shoulder loop. I forget that it is only one part that makes up the whole. Just because my shoulders might be integrated doesn’t mean that my ribs and my head are not way out of balance. When I pause, breath and take into consideration what is happening with all the different parts of my body I can again more gracefully coordinate myself leading to more harmony in my mind, body, and spirit.

It’s a great concept to ponder and practice. Stress, chaos and/or mundane tasks pulls us into the “the small picture” and our ability to choose the highest or best course of action is often diminished. This larger perspective allows us to meet the world, or yoga pose, from a calmer + more loving + more capable place. This pausing, taking a breath and trying to see the “scenic overview” can be a magical strategy for navigating just about every situation in life… especially during the holidays.


Sucasana viloma Pranayama
High runners lunge twist - lunge
L.L twist - anjaneyasana
Utkatasana exhale arms forward down and up inhale stay low reach up 3x
Lunge exhale sweep arms forward down back and up inhale tailbone teach up - Lunge twist Anjali mudra - standing Lunge twist T arms- rev - one hand down high runners lunge stretch arm over ear
Leprechaun tapping from DD
Modified Parsvakonasana
Clasp blow Warrior 2- Parsvakonasana hand outside foot
Dolphin – Leprechaun tapping from Dolphin or Pincha Mayurasana
Ardha Chandrasana- Chapasana - Trikonasana
Handstands at wall
Sucasana viloma pranayama 3x

I have been studying Anusara Yoga going on 6 years now and have been contemplating applying for Certification in Anusara. Currently I am Anusara-Inspired which is often compared to a BS and Certification is often compared to a Master’s Degree. One part of the certification process is submitting filmed classes to a review board. This really terrifies me so I have decided to start filming my classes and beginning watching them and refining them before I start thinking about giving it to a certified teacher to review. Today was my first day filming, which was all about figuring out equipment… Will my battery last? Do I have enough memory? Do I need a mic? Does it capture the whole class room? Everything worked accept the sound. I am excited to start refining my teaching skills, even if it takes a while for me to submit my application.

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