Thursday, December 19, 2013

Postpartum Practice for Low Back *video

A friend asked me to post a yoga video for her to addressthe low back tension she feels after just having a baby. The sequence below is to remind your body of optimal alignment while releasing stored up tension in the body. It will release tightness in the back of the legs and low back while strengthening the low back. Do the whole sequence or bits and pieces when you have time. I am did the practice with my baby so you could see how I adapt my practice with him. He actually cooperated quite well I just needed to bounce his chair every once and a while. Often I need to pick him up for some poses or put him on the ground next to me. My baby comes before my practice so if he needs me and doesn’t seem happy I stop practicing and come back to it later. When I really want to practice my husband watches the baby so I can get some “me time” and a bigger practice in. My baby boy is 8 weeks old.

Teaching focus: Learn to hold healthy spine in lower back
Principles of emphasis:
1st principle: side bodies long
2nd: Hug the midline inner thighs strong
3rd: inner spiral thighs
4th: scoop tail bone so low belly tones to hold curve of low back
Theme: Taking time (even if only a few minutes) to take care of your self. When we are feeling good in our body we experience more health and happiness and from that place we can better care for our new babies.

*check with your health care provider before picking up your practice and remember to always listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, hurts, pulls… don’t do it! You just had a baby. Give yourself a break. P.S you are superwomen!! Your practice will deepen in time. No rush.

The Video:
(if the video above doesn't work here is the youtube url:

The Sequence:
Sucasana Uddiyana Bandha Pranayama
Sucasana side stretches
Table jump rope spine
Anahatasana modified
Down Dog
Table - Shalabasana
Table - Shalabasana butt burner (toe touches, knee bends, knee bent hip extenders, abductor burner)
Thread Needle
Mod Utkatasana hands on knees cat/cow- jump rope spine
Tadasana- half moon side stretch
Down Dog - 3 Leg Down Dog
Wide Leg Forward Fold- Twist (with block, stack of books, soup can..)
Supta Pigeon
Supta Femur Rooting *my go to low back pain move*
Childs Pose

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