Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Solstice Journaling Suggestions

Winter solstice is an invitation to pause and honor natures rythm by turning inward. I encourage you to pause, honor, inquire, and reflect during this magical time. I like to meditate + journal the week leading up to and the week following the solstice and then I re read my journal enteries when I see the first crocuses peak through the dirt (the first flowers of spring).

If you are in SLC I will be teaching a Solstice Inspired yoga class at Sugar Space 9-10:30am by donation.

Here are some of the topics I will be journaling on this year.

Winter Solstice journaling suggestions: 

Look Back

Name at least 3 obstacles you overcame in the last year, and reflect on what lessons you learned or what qualities of character were strengthened as a result.

Name up to 3 challenges you are working on that you feel stand in the way of you reaching your highest goals and intentions

Name at least 3 positive shifts you made in the last year. Give yourself full credit for forward growth, even if they were just little steps (little steps add up to big changes in time)

Name your three most powerful moments or special memories from the last year.

Look Forward

Name 3 goals or intentions you have for the next year. You might pick one in separate category such as Relationships, Career, and Self Development, or you might pick three to work on in one single area of your life.

Now list 3 obstacles that you think might stand in the way of you manifesting your intentions and counter each of them with a solution.

Name 3 qualities of character you want to cultivate this year to help you embody, or manifest your intentions.

Reflect on, and name, the desired outcomes or feeling states that you will experience having realized your intentions. Allow yourself to really feel each outcome in your body. Take your time with it as the more you can not only visualize but also feel where you are going the easier it is to get there!!

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