Friday, May 12, 2017

Hanuman devotion to LOVE

Theme: what is tattooed in your heart. What messages do you imprint within yourself and send out to the world with your thoughts, words, actions. We can consciously choose our inner tattoo by being aware of this and add new imprints with affirmations, mantra, prayer, meditation. 
Ancedote: hanuman rips open his chest to reveal sita ram sita ram. 
In the ramaya there is lots that happens with the great character Hanuman. When he is little he jumps to the sun thinking it's a mango lord of thunder old breaks his jaw. Hanuman one with broken jaw. Going into cave at center of earth he gets still and realize he has all these super powers... he becomes a yogi and asks what is he in service of. Then he finds Ram the one who incarnates for dharma, for living in the highest way connected aways to the heart. And Rams beloved Sita who is the embodiment of unconditional love. When Hanuman becomes a devotee of Ram he is committed to living in the highest, connected to the heart and unconditional LOVE. At the end of story hanuman stands in royal palace and Ram, Sita and royal kingdom are there and they give him the most gorgeous jewels to thank him for his service. Hanuman bites them, stomps on them, hits them... The court is like "what is happening? why are you destroying this gift?" Hanuman says if they are so valuable why don't they have the names of Sita and Ram inscribed on them? That's what I am looking for and I can't find it. Then he stands and he takes his hands and he opens the center of his chest and reveals that in his heart, ribs, all the space in his chest is inscribed with "Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram Sita Ram.." because his whole life has been in service to living in the highest, and uncoditinal love. It's the inner tatto system. If you opened the center of your heart what would be inscribed there? Or another way I like to think about it is at the end of the day before you go to bed and you review your day and you ask "what really matters?" with all the catastrophes and joy why really matters? I imagine humanity across the board will look into the heart space and ask how did I love, how did I receive love and the way that we make ourself vulnerable open and exposed to be able to say this is me. This is my essence. like how hanuman says this is me and I am full of love and devotion!!!
Alignment focus. Muscle energy and organic energy 
Heart quality love 
Apex hanumanasana

Sun A 3x 
Monkey kneel- ss pulse - utt 
Utk pulses like swinging monkey 
L pulses 
L- anjaneyasana pulses 
L arms in "T" arm twist-rev- high runners lunge twist- ll quad twist 
Anjaneyasana twist - L twist - rev w2 husband by
Ll quad- Trikonasana - half moon pulse 
One knee up kneeling monkey - Ss pulse- handstand hops 
Hero repose
Half hanuman 4 ways
Pigeon quad 
Eagle- Dancer- ss- hanuman
Cool down 
Pull pranam 
Happy baby 
Supta root femur - twist 
Supported baddha konasana 5 mins min

Mudra: Interlace hands thumbs to index. Untie knots of heart to open chalice to untie the knots in the heart and opening it up 

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