Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Psoas. Why I am always a student & a teacher

Last month we focused on the psoas muscles in my anuara yoga classes. We learned different ways a tights psoas can manifest in our body, negatively impacting our posture + our health. We learned how to lengthen our psoas to support our well being. Check out these two short videos I made: summarizing the psoas and how to best lengthen it and the pose of the month that we did at least once in every class.

This was a terrific experience. I saw so many students look deep within them selves to see how their psoas tightens shows up and influences them. THIS is why I love alignment so much. Its so much more then putting your body in different yoga postures and flowing with the breath (although that has many benefits too). However this process of looking within, looking at our shadow, those subconscious parts of our self that we over look but deeply influence our life. Then from that inner reflection we can take different actions to co-participate with our life and choose if we want to live habitually getting the results we are getting or we can choose more health! vitality! clarity! peace! joy!...

This is why I am a student of yoga. It helps me learn and grow. This is why I am a teacher so I can help others in their personal journey to growth.

The universal principles we were using in our postures were muscular energy engaging the muscles, thigh loop, moving the lower attachment site of the psoas back and internally rotating the thighs with inner spiral. Drawing the ribs in to move the top psoas attachment site back with kidney loop and then extending out with organic energy.

Thank you for being here

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