Monday, May 8, 2017

What legacy do you want to leave future generations? Karma Yoga

Theme: what is the legacy you want to leave? cutting cords of negative habits for future generations! 
Anecdote Bhagavad Gita
karma yoga is the path of skillful ACTION by serving others. Our yoga practice of looking deep within and refining our alignment to:
 ➡️ spiritually 
we can engage with the world in a more harmonious way because of the inner work we are doing (skillfull action) we are not passing down dysfunctional patterns to future generations. We are cutting the cord!
The Bhagavad Gita tells us that karma yoga - the path of service to other - is a fast lane to spiritual fulfillment. 
This is so so so SO important to me. Specifically around body image and beauty obsession. Society is teaching us this false image of beauty of being thin and overly manicured. I can look back and see how the adults around me modeled this to me along along with society. It's even worse now with photoshop and Instagram. I DO NOT AND WILL NOT PASS THESE LIES TO MY CHILDREN. Coupled with my awareness and my yoga practice I will not pinch myself in the mirror and call myself fat. In fact "fat" and "skinny" are swear words in my house. I will teach my children that our bodies are containers for our soul. We want to take care of them so we can feel vital in our bodies and contact to our soul and have clear thinking. It's hard to connect to our sparkling spirit and our mind when our body is injured and not cared for. However, speaking from personal experience, I can get to caught up in my body and appearance so much that I miss the fact that it's the experience of my soul and being of serve to others that really matter. I know that loving myself, my body and modeling a healthy body image for my kids is karma yoga. Because I am consciously cutting the cord of addiction and eating disorders for them. This is a practice I am deeply committed to!
Alignment focus: lengthening the psoas with muscle energy, thigh loop, kidney loop and organic energy  
We have really been hitting psoas and will continue for the rest of the month. The psoas is a perfect example of something inside of us all that is tight that we tend to not look at that can contribute to chronic pain and poor posture 
Heart quality discipline and freedom 
Apex Bridget's cross 

Warm up 
Sun A 3x
Cat/ cow 
Table shalabasana 
Mod. Bridget cross
W2  - rev warrior 
Mod. Parsvak- parsvak - rev warrior 
L.l quad - standing splits- handstand hops 
Lunge twist 
Anjaneyasana twist - low lunge twist quad 
Bridget cross 
Cool down 
Pigeon- cow face 
Uptivista konasana prep 
Uptiviata konasana parsva (with strap) 
Supta extend leg and same arm psoas stretch 
Laying in back root femurs 


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