Friday, May 12, 2017

Mothers Day Yoga

Theme Durga and pacha mama. Durga is the maha goddess. The mother to us all. For Mother's Day can we feel her love and giver her love. Durga teacher love, tolerance, patience and strength. Can we practice living in this way. The watch pacha mama is also mother to us all can we be mindful of how our actions affect the earth. Can we now with deep respect to Durga, to the earth, to all of our mothers, and to the mother within ourself. Can we also cultivate some forgiveness to our mothers. 
Ancedote Mother's Day 
Apex Ashtavakrasana 
Heart quality love tolerance patience strength 
Upa. Organic energy (KL) push out to tone ribs and drew sitbones back. Focus on lengthening psoas 

Warm up 
Mod. Bridget cross 
Mod. Chataranga 3x (come forward as you lower arm bones stay broad and plugged into the power of the heart. This chataranga arm position shows up in so many poses: forarm balamce, bridge, shoulder stand, urdhva danurasana prep, arm balances, hands at Anjali, twists, natarajasana...)
Sun b 2x organic energy 
Mod. Parsvak- Parsvak 
High runners lunge  twist- lizard forearms on block 
Scandasana - half moon - eagle
L.l quad- trik - half moon quad - eagle 
Down dog - handstand hops 
Dolphin - forearm balance hops (optional) 
W2 clasp bow- Parsvak 
Crow (eka pada optional) 
High runners lunge shoulder under 
Pigeon - compass prep leg forward - leg side 
Sit on one glute cross legs like eagle bend and straighten 5x 
Cool down 
Fish Twist 
Windshield wipers 5x- hook heel to knee psoas 
Double femur root/ psoas traction 


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