Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Looking for good

Looking for good...a shift in perspective.

A few recent blogs I wrote have been about looking for the good in various situations. It has been about 2 years since I started studying Anusara and this non dual philosophy which looks for the good in life. This was challenging for me and my ability to do it has come in stages.

At first just my awareness shifted. I became aware of how much myself and others complain. After noticing the negative attitude I would try to look for the good. Then i just had a few good things about my life that i rotated through like how awesome my husband is. But it was challenging and didn't feel very sincere.

With time looking for the good became easier and I got better at finding it in bad situations rather then just reminding myself of an aspect of my life that is already good. I also started to notice that this change of perspective makes me experience a feeling of joy in my body and mind.

Now my mind feels like a babbling brook that continues to look for the good. I often think my friends get annoyed of my because now when they come to me to vent about their problems I am just reminding them of all the good in the apparent shitty situation.

It is nice to see that through yoga teaching my brain is changing. It is much nicer living with a happy voice in my head versus a voice that is negative, judgmental, and self criticism.

Close your eyes and allow your body to settle. Notice your breath and feel the energy sensation around the heart (or even the beating f the heart). Now think of something good that is happening in your life. Try not to get caught up in the story line or specifics but instead focus on emotional quality it brings to your heart.

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