Saturday, July 16, 2011


My meditation practice has transformed tremendously since I started meditating with my teacher Clinton Brock who introduced me to a way of mediating that doesn't use any technique. I had been meditating for over five years but my meditation practice has always been technique based whether it be a mantra, a breathing technique, or a visualization... and definitely before I met Clinton my meditation posture was very upright and "proper". Now when I sit to meditate I sit as comfortable as possible and my back is rarely straight. Sometimes I sit in my couch and put a pillow behind my head so my head doesn't bop around, other times I tip my head forwd slightly. I still do practice technique based meditations and I often perform these in a upright position. Since meeting Clinton I have been trying to meditate in this technique free way for a minimum of 20 mins 2 times a day. Wow the momentum it has created in my life has been intense. I feel like all the technique meditations probably got me ready to go deep into this meditation but I also feel like at some point you have to let go of the technique so can enter in even more deeply.

I have a private appointment with Clinton in a few hours and I am very excited to talk and giggle with him.

I also recently gifted myself with Sally Kemptons beautifully written book Meditation for the Love of it. Sally and Clinton at the base of what they are teaching is so identical and it is really wonderful to be hearing it in both of their words because they are saying the same thing in different ways which I think is helping me grasp it even deeper.

So much gratitude for all the rocking teachers out there spreading the knowledge + love

(I wrote this blog after really surrendering to CLintons meditaiton style:

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