Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Forgetting and Remembering

Tuesdays Anusara Class
(Ray's bday, Kathlyn first class back afer shattered humerus/scapula/collar bone)

Theme: Our practice is one of forgetting and remembering. Whether it is regarding our postural alignment on the mat or how we are aligning with people, places, things off the mat.
Antidote:  Shiva dances the Ananda Tandeva on top of his vehicle, Apasmara the Being of Forgetfulness/ ignorance. Apasmara Purusha has the face of a demon and body of an infant (how interesting). The word Apasmara means forgetfulness and symbolizes the ignorance that makes us lose our balance and consciousness and run after sensuous things. Symbolically, Shiva standing on Apasmara is asking us to crush our laziness, ego, jealousy, envy and hatred and realize the Supreme Truth. Knowing that forgetting is part of life allows me to forgive myself and be more soft with myself. Sometime on the mat and off I can start to beat my self up, why did you forget kidney loop, why where you being self fish... But that's part of life. I forget and I come back into rememberence. I forget and I feel small and alone I remember and I feel complete and loved.
Poe: open to grace (foundation) muscle + organic energy (focal point)

Surya Namaskar A3x
Anjaneyasana quad
Parsvotonasana 2 blocks
Dancer quad
Dwi hasta padadasana
Upright L
L stand
Handstand partner (sing happy birthday to ray while she demos)
W2- rev W- Mod. Parsvak
Parvrita ardha hanuman block
Janusirsasana/ triang mukhaikapada paschottanasana

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