Saturday, June 28, 2014

Most Favorite Items For Baby 0-3 Months

I blogged about pregnancy and did so much research about how to prepare for and what to get during those first few months. Everything was so unknown and I tried so hard to grasp and plan the unknownable. Fast forward and now as I reflect I got a lot of items I didn't need (a flat bassinet, the swing, binkies, bottles..) and there were a handful of items I could have not lived with out.

Most Loved and Used Baby Items (not in any special order):

  • Snuza: This is a little alarm that clips to babies diapers, if it doesn't feel a breath movement within a certain period an alarm goes off. I was so worried Sage would just die. That having him was to good to be true. If I could go without ever sleeping those first few days and I tried to just so I could watch him and make sure he was breathing. This alarm was so amazing especially because we did some co-sleeping because I knew before he would die I would be awoken by an alarm. The alarm did go off 2 or 3 times because it moved alway from his skin. But I would rather have it go off by mistake then not go off.
  • Nose Frida: Little babies have such small delicate little noses. I did not like using the bulb they give you at the hospital. My husband insisted on using it and could never get the little boogers. He thought the nose frida, which is a little tube with a hose so you can use your mouth to suck them out, even though there is a filter so nothing goes in your mouth, was disgusting and he refused to use it. however in the end he would bring Sage to me and say "he needs to be nose frida-ed". This was a life saver. We had 2 one in the house and one in the diaper bag. This is my go to baby shower gift.
  • Rock n' Play SLEEPER: we got a regular rock n play. But it is flat and Sage had reflux he needed to be tilted to sleep. This sleeper was great we still use it today at 8 months.
  • Baby Wearing: I love nothing more then snuggling close to my baby. Baby wearing lets be get my snuggle on while I accomplish other things a nice walk, market run, dishes, laundry, hair, gardening... I used a moby to start with which is a cheaper option but is only good for the first few months because it is stretchy and cant carry much weight. Now I use an ergo or a woven wrap.
Hope this is helpful.

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