Thursday, June 12, 2014

Create the Life You Want... And Tone Your Behind

Theme: create the life you want. What does this mean... To me it means I need enough freedom in my life to let opportunities, magic and the good stuff come in but at the same time I need enough discipline to not let to much good time in my life is chaotic and control to open to not prevent opportunities.

Same goes with the health of our lumbar spine. We need openness so the lumbar spine extends going in and up but if we don't have any boundaries we can have to much curve causing a collapse or we can be to stiff where the curve goes the other way and is rounded in flexion which we don't want. To create a happy healthy low back and life we need the dynamic balance of both freedom and discipline to hold the freedom.
Poe: muscle energy/midline, inner outer spirals
Props: 2 blocks, blanket, strap

Utk- utt inner spiral vs. outter
AMV prep ""
AMV L ""
AMV ""
Tad- L 3x glute work :
L short l time butt long lung
Lunge- standing pigeon- twisted warrior 3 butt toner
Glute firing exercises
Active pigeon
Pigeon twist quad
Active pigeon quad
Parsvotonasana- scandasana- trikonasana-
Ardha hanuman ankle loop
Uttanasana feet on blanket roll
Uttanasana blanket in hip crease
Fish prep crunches to help create natrual cures of spine for shavasana

We first made sure everyone understood thigh loop and inner spiral. The muscles that create and hold these actions are much smaller then the gluteus muscles so they bed to be established first. Then we did lots of breaking down on firing the gluteus with outer spiral. Students seemed to really enjoy the burning bum action.

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