Thursday, June 26, 2014


Poe: thigh loop. One indicator that thighs are back is that the greater trouchanter the boney proteberence on the lateral head of the femur should be behind the lateral malleolus (ankle bone). The skill is keeping the thigh bone back while activating the glute with outer spiral and pelvic loop. Since the glute is such a big powerful muscle it often with push the femur bone forward.
Props: blanket, strap, block
Theme: Svatantrya.  One of the attributes of the Divine, as recognized in Tantric texts meaning ultimate freedom. The teachings tell us that we also have this attribute which I find hard to connect to. I feel so limitted by my body, finances, heck even gravity. When I contemplate on this quality in my life I find it is through restriction that I experience freedom. For example the more control I use with my alignment on the mat the more freedom I experience as my body expands, I am also free to do what I want off the mat because I haven't accumulated injuries from my practice. It's a paradox in my option because the only way I can experience this freedom is through the practice of discipline.
Heart quality: discipline

Lunge- short lunge- lunge
Low lunge quad
Kneeling mod. Parsvak- Mod.
ardha chandrasana TL
Eprk prep- Eprk active
Eprk quad
Trik- ardha Chandra chapasana
Standing pigeon- Eka pada galavasana
Handstands 2x
One handed handstand
Utthita pada b
Supta pada b
Mantra missile strap
Root femur bones

This mornings class was terrific. I feel my confidence continuing to grow and it is reflected through my students. My regular students are growing and I get terrifically positive feedback after classes. I am feeling so blessed to have anusara yoga fallen into my life.

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