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Brahmacharya: moderation of energy

Definitions of what it means vary widely – from total celibacy at one end, to the application of moderation towards all sensory experiences. If we look at the literal translation of the word we find "Brahma" means the ‘divine consciousness’ and "charya" in this context, means ‘living’ or ‘one who is established in’. A literal definition of the fourth yama becomes "one in alignment with divine consciousness" or "being established in divine consciousness"or sometimes translated to mean ‘walking with God’.

Looking at this from a place from moderation is realy going against the norm of society where we race around to acquire. We want more money, power, things. We want want want. An example of not being on moderation and living brahmacharya could be the show Sex and The City. Carrie with all the fancy shoes and clothes, Samatha with all her men, Charlotte chasing perfection , and Maranda always working more and more. Think about how much time and energy those women devote to their various obsessions and quests. Now think about what would happen if that time and energy was freed up and available for use in other things, like coming more into alignment with the divine.

Patanjali says in Surta 2.38 "Brahmacharya pratishthayam virya labhah.

Upon being established in brahmacharya, there is the attainment of vital energy."

We can apply this yama to our yoga practice by using our energy wisely. When you come into the pose and begin to apply the universal principles of alignment think how you can do the alignment and hold it well with the least energy possible. This way you arnt using up your energy to fast and teach yourself how to use your mind, body, heart efficiently.

I remember when I used to practice a more flowky style I would use my energy so quickly swinging legs around and doing dance like movement. I would use my energy so much I needed to come to child's pose frequently and would leave the class equashted and drained. Now when I practice I work hard for sure but I don't experience that same equation. I rarely take a child's pose and never teach child's pose. I do this because it helps students learn to pace themselves and not burn out. I leave class feeling like I worked by refreshed and at ease, not like I need a nap.

Toning the low belly is another way conserves prana (life force energy). A teacher once explained to me that "dropping the lower belly splatters our life force out in front of us". Conserving this pelvic energy can them be channeled up the spine (along the shushumna channel) to the heart, anahata chakra.

Anusara 1-2
Heart quality: concentration
Poe: outer spiral, organic energy

Tadasana - L 3x:
1st: L
2nd. L - short L fire glute - L
3rd. Glute firing: L- hrl twist - W2
Mod. Parsvak- scandasana- half moon
Mod. Parsvak- parsvak- scandasana - half moon
Glute firing exercises:
Tad- standing pigeon - half moon 3x
Tad-standing pigeon -parvrita vira 3 3x
Anjaneyasana quad
Pigeon twist quad
Pigeon quad
Pec stretch wall
Handstands wall
Forearm balance wall
Urdhva danurasana
Root femur symmetrically
Fish crunches- shavasana

Poe: TL, ABB

1/2 sun 3x
Tadasana- lunge 3x
Chest stretch wall
DD prep wall
Vinyasa prep wall
Sun A 3x
Dd- L
Standing pigeon
AMS- w2
AMS- mod. parsvak
Sphnx quad
Supt pada- a- b strap
Trikonasana- wall block
Sucasana twist

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