Wednesday, November 1, 2017


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What are you grateful for this morning?
This is what I try to remember when my mind starts spinning to fast.
Spinning out with fear that I won’t finish my to do lists, won’t get everything ready for my kids birthday party. That’s what my Fear was doing on Sunday. ...
Now I am reminded of this as I have been up since 4am with one child throwing up, while the other child has been running around the house. If I am not care fear will take me to “what if my kids dies?” “what if I never get to rest?”
I close my eyes and breath and think of all the things I am grateful for: these kids, a warm bed, Sages little voice that echos mine and he tells me “I am proud of you mom”, for friendships, for meditation, for remembering the teachings I forget, for COFFEE, for connection with other human beings, for the colors in nature, for my mom for always babysitting when I teach ...
I asked Sage what he is grateful for “I am grateful for you mom”. I am grateful for this sweet soul I get to comfort and love on.
Soon I will be teaching a yoga class in a Skelton costume ❤️ and depending on kids health we will treak or treat later or stay home and carve pumpkins.

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