Sunday, November 5, 2017

You are WORTHY

What are your go to affirmations?
For way to many years I let the number on the scale determine my self worth. I could understand how irrational this was but I just couldn’t stop.
I still struggle with this today from years of repeating limiting beliefs that are ingrained in my mind. ...
Affirmation is one of my favorite tools to scrub my brain of these ingrained beliefs and thoughts. Two of my favorite affirmations are:
“My happiness does not depend on my weight or my size!” And
“I love myself in every way as I am right now!”
The first step to change is awareness. Becoming aware of those habitual scripts in your brain that make you feel less then the amazing soul that you are!
Once you are aware switch the script! Sometimes I feel like I am having a conversation in My head between the little kim and my highest truth Kim.

Little kim “no body likes you, you look fat, your not smart”
Higher Kim “I am awesome. I love myself. People like being in my company. I can do hard thing. I am confident. I am strong. I am at peace”
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