Sunday, November 5, 2017


How are you going to be kind today?
In many different conversations lately I have been hearing how people are not being kind. Stranger not making eye contact. Not saying hi. No positive interaction happening.
To this I say. Be the change you wish to see in the world! Most of the people I see on the street or in the market I smile big and say HI. I secretly hope my cheerfulness is contagious and plagues them with joy. ...
What are three actions you can take today to add kindness into the world? I will:
💜call some friends who I know are hurting and talk to them, love them and ask how I can help.
👉I will ask people how they are doing and will actively listen to what they say. I will ask them more questions about how they are feeling.
👉I will smile and say hi to people I pass today.
I was listening to a motivating YouTube video yesterday from #garyvee he was saying The fact that all 7 billion of us humans are not actively hurting each other is amazing. Think about how much damage we could do to each other if we really wanted to. The fact that the majority of the people are not activity causing violence to one another is pretty awesome.
I like that way of looking at it. It is pretty amazing, most of us, choose to get along. However I think we can do better as humans and be kinder.
It always comes back to choices. What do you choose?
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