Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Self Love magic potion

What are ACTIONS you take DAILY to cultivate SELF LOVE?
Heck for SELF LOVE. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a magical potion for self love I have to take consistent action daily!
I work with so many women who struggle with self love, low self esteem and self worth. When I ask them what they are doing daily to up-level these they have no answer. ...
Which I think is a good thing! If they were taking actions daily for self love and still were not feeling it then we have deeper work to do.
But if you are not taking the actions that’s why you are not getting the results! Makes sense right?!
What I do everyday:
πŸ‘‰I make time for pray, meditation, affirmations
πŸ‘‰I show up for what I say I will show up to
πŸ‘‰I move my body with yoga/exercise and cultivate gratitude for me body
πŸ‘‰ I cook food for myself intentionally and pour extra loads of love in
πŸ‘‰before I eat, I pray for the food nourish my body, mind and heart so I can be useful
πŸ‘‰I check in with friend daily to see how they are doing and if I can help them
πŸ‘‰I do personal development everyday, for a minimum for 20 mins, either an audible book, reading a book, and journaling

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