Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is your studentship spicey?

During the immersion last weekend we talked about adhikara (studentship).  Everyone is a student of life so the question becomes what is the level of your studentship. John Friend sometimes talks about this with hot sauce. Is your studentship mild, medium, or fiery? We can also look at studentship as being related to the five mahabharatas (elements).  When our studentship is in balance with these qualities we experience both more vibrancy and ease, however when they are out of balance they can become very destructive.
1.       Sky: unbounded, beginners mind, soft, humble, “just try it attitude”
2.       Earth: solid, unwavering, grounded, steadfast
3.       Water: fluid, receptive, accommodating, can be very powerful (like a fire hydrant)
4.       Fire: transformative energy, passion, aspiring for greatness, burning
5.       Air/ ether: dexterity, flexible, not stuck, breath.
Adam offered us a homework assignment of focusing on one element each day, do a short asana practice inspired by that element and journal on your insights. This has been very fun opportunity.

more on adhikara:

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