Saturday, May 14, 2011

learning and growing

On Friday was the start of the Anusara Immersion with Adam Ballenger. I took the immersions from Adam about a year and a half ago and when I did it blew my mind and melted my heart. I have been looking forward to go through the immersion again to help refine my knowledge and my practice. Hearing Adam talk yesterday and today has really helped me recognize what a different place I am in my life now compared to then. On the first night of the immersion last time I was excited and eager to learn. I tried to scribble down every word that came out of Adams mouth. I was confused when I heard concepts like Grace and organic energy. This time around I understand, and connect with the information. Before the information felt like it was being dumped on me and now I feel like I am participating in the conversation. Now instead of writing down every word I note a few key points, “ah-has” or a reminder to journal more on a topic. Things are making more sense to me now because I have been studying yoga for a while and things are starting to click, and I am now in a healthy place in my life to hear and apply what I am learning. Before all though I thought I was open to grace, but I wasnt. I have learned in order to open to Grace I had to actively surrender all the smaller than grace “stuff” I was attached to.  

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