Wednesday, May 11, 2011

an oppurtunity to expand

I have been thinking a lot about interaction. Everything that happens is an interaction with something else. An interaction with our self, each other, the earth, the way we interact in our job. From these interactions we experience expansion or contraction. Everything that happens can be looked at as an invitation to expand. But at the same time if we don’t watch our self and our habits our interactions can become a contraction, leading to a contraction leading to a contraction….leading to a sad, upset, angry, feels like the world is against them individual. Instead can we take every interaction as an opportunity:  How can I expand with this? How can this enhance life? Even a really bad stuff like death or a natural disaster although painful can still be an opportunity to expand. (Side note: Life is a pulsation so it is natural to have contraction but when you contract it is because you are co-participating with the divine to expand somewhere else)
I led the students through a little meditation having them remember and experience expansion within their body. I suggested times that have made me expand, being honest + vulnerable yet received with love, spending time with my husband, playing with a new baby, looking at something vast and beautiful like the ocean or sky, doing something I love while being present … all these experience have made my inner light expand. When we expand we feel of love, bliss, and surrender that radiates from the inside out and on top of this radiance the outer body melts. It was wonderful to witness a room of students actively expanding!

After this meditation we moved into our asana practice and I reminded the students that every pose is an opportunity to expand, whether that pose is your favorite pose, your least favorite pose, or you need to take a modification… it doesn’t matter! Just like it doesn’t matter what situation you are in, or who you are interaction with, they are all opportunities for expansion, for life enhancement, and deepen your connection with Spirit.

May we remember that we have a choice how to engage. We can choice to engage life in a skillful way that allows us to expand and expand…


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