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Hanuman monkey god. God of the sun and the wind. He is the symbol of selfless service. The depiction of his pose is out stretched legs and arms that he can leap across mountains to save his people.
Some things to remember in this pose:
There are Golgi Tendons with in the muscle that monitor “danger” and when they feel the body is not protected they contract and seize up to protect the body. We can turn off the “danger alarms” and the resulting contraction by strong muscle work. If you engage you muscle (Called muscle energy in Anusara) for at least 30 seconds the Golgi tendons feel protected and sense the muscles are no longer in danger. As a result they soften and you can move deeper in the pose while keeping the body protected from injury. To be passive muscularly isn’t a good strategy for letting the muscles open.
When I work this pose I am always trying to move past the threshold of “that’s it I have to stop” that thought/action only keeps me stuck. I have to continuously up the ante by staying for moments longer in the space of the pose.
This pose is all about your own progress. You against you! It’s all about the permission you give yourself. And remember it is not about how far you get in this pose it is about the integrity of the journey. Plopping down to the floor hips open muscles relaxed in a pose I refer to as “cheer leader splits” is not as impressive as being 2 feet away from the floor with blocks and hips square and legs engaged.
Practice, Practice, Practice and enjoy the PROCESS.
High Runners lunge one hand down twist
High Runners lunge forearms
Low lunge quad -> anjaniasana
Uttanasana 2 blocks maintain straight legs then bend knees hug shins in- inner spiral
Heros pose roll up blanket or towel and place between knees sit for a while and move blanket down and up calf muscles.
Uttanasana feet on blanket roll for ankle loop. 2 blocks maintain straight legs then bend knees hug shins in- inner spiral -> step foot back Parsvotonasana
Utt- ardha utt 3x
Uttanasana rock from balls of feet to heel. When you go forward femur bones inner spiral when you rock back the sit bones move toward the heels. This will help muscles of the legs get equanimity from hugging in and extending out.
Urdhva hastansa strong muscle energy around legs -> uttansana -> parsvotonasana ME, IS lengthen -> fold 3x Repeat. Muscle Energy engages golgi tendon muscle cells to release letting flexibility increase to release muscle tension.
Uttanasana take right hand around back of right shin and clasp front of left shin, and cross left hand behind left shin and hold on to front of shin this will create shins in, and work on IS and straighten legs and extend back from hips to feet imagine your bones becoming longer
Pigeon quad
Pasarita padotonasana second toes in line with ankles, hold on to ankles, bend knees feel clarity of the four corners of feet as you squeeze lower legs towards each other, then inner spiral the legs in back and apart and root tail bone toward floor to stay anchored in legs.
Parsvakonasana draw muscles up to hip to top of psoas and extend from there back down to feet.
Trikonasana draw muscles up to hip and top of psoas from there extend back down to feet.
Pasarita padotonasana this time walk hands between legs. Strong muscle energy especially in quads to help inner spiral in back widening core of pelvis and countering that by scooping tail and extending back toward floor.
Parsvakonasana top hand on hip and bow chest toward floor to widen back thigh in back and wide, keep that scope front hip under and turn chest up
Trikonasana top hand on hip and bow chest toward floor to widen back thigh in back and wide, keep that scope front hip under and turn chest up
DD- lift heels bend knees squeeze shins use thigh muscles to inner spiral, lengthen tail and sit bones to heels straighten legs
Ardha hanumanasna IS legs (2 blocks under hands) with the back toes curled under try to drag back foot forward to engage legs and IS leg
Ardha hanumnasana press out more use block under back thigh to root thigh bone
L stand Handstand at wall
Waloasana- L stand Repeat. Waloasana is hanumanasana up the wall. Start in a short down dog heels by wall lift one leg and walk hands back as you move into splits “sitting” on the wall. I am always surprised how much easier this version is for me because I have less fear. Same principles apply. Hug in, expand hips, and extend out through legs.
Handstand back against wall
Pasarita Hanumanasana -> move into twist, bow slightly to puff kidney (whatever level feels best for you it’s the repetition that’s going to give your body a chance to open) feel from feet to thighs the femur bones get magnetized into acetabulum hip sockets. The twist in hanuman will help psoas not spin hips open and instead square up ups
DD -> walk hands to feet Uttanasana->ardha uttansana -> Uttanasana ->urdhva hastasna -> Uttanasana -> DD
Hanumanasana if you can integrate and hug in enough extend both arms toward sky -> then fold over front leg practice extending out from core of body out legs. Top of pubis lifts upwards and and tail bone extending down
Hanumanasna with quad stretch square pelvis. You can be in ardha hanumanasana and be way up high if that’s to much stay in hanuman. If its avalible to you, you can move into hanuman 4 which is the quad backbend of natarajasana elbows up.
Pashimotadasnta seated forward fold. Work to maintain the curves of the spine
Supta hands behind one thigh thigh bone rooting

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