Friday, May 17, 2013

Neck Should Eblow Wrist Theraputic Sequence

So much of our life is spent in front of us. Think of all the many things you do with your hands in front of your...Texting, computering, reading, paper work, crocheting, yoga, eating, driving, pushing strollers, playing spots... This always reaching forward tightens and impingines parts of our body that can cause pain, discomfort and injuries to our neck, shoulders, eblows, and wrists. This sequence is about opening up the front of our body and as a results clears away many of the injuries assoiciated with these areas.

table with hands several inches in front of the shoulders so there is less weight on the wrist. Lift armpits toward ears to lengthen side bodies and use gravity to melt heart and integrate arm bones into the shoulder sockets. Stay here for several breaths
Table forearms same alignment instruction lengthen side bodeis, melt heart. These poses are helping the arm bones to remember where “home” is. If there is a misalignment in the shoulders it very often translate down causing pain in the elbows and wrists
Childs wide knees, forearms on floor, head supported by block continue to melt back of heart.
At Wall
Pec stretches 1. place one palm on wall like you’re giving the wall a high five. Lengthen the arms bones up and back and then turn your body away from the wall and press from your chest back through your hand into the wall. If you notice the head draws forward press the head back slightly. 2. stand right up to the wall like you are going to kiss the wall and extend one arm out to the side like half of a T, palm facing up. Draw from your fingers back through your shoulder blades plugging the head of the arm bone back into its home the shoulder socket. Press the pinky finger into the wall as you draw the head of the arm bones away from the wall then turn your chest 180 degrees away from your hand and extend from your chest back through your outstretched hand. These pec stretches are incredibly wonderful for the body and clearing out neck, shoulder, elbow wrist problems you could do these 5x a day if you have time.
Down Dog at wall hands are shoulder distance apart hip height. Lift the arm bones up and allow the heart to melt with gravity without dropping the armpits.
At Mat
Down Dog lift up the arm pits and look between the hands, plug the arm bones into the shoulder sockets, drop the head so it’s in line with the arms and melt heart
Cobra move hands forward if weight baring on hands hurt. Lift chest and shoulders up, squeeze shoulders blades together to strengthen rhomboids. Upper arm bones parallel to floor slide head and throat back
Hero pose interlace hands knuckles on head palms facing the sky lengthen side bodies engage shoulder blades together, keep shoulders integrated as you straighten elbows toward sky
Down Dog
finger tips on floor lengthen side bodies, lift arm pits up and squeeze shoulder blades together, melt heart bend elbows out to side as you fold deeper
Wide Leg forward fold with clasp hands (if shoulders are to tight you can hold strap instead of clasping hands). Strong legs, lengthen side bodies, draw shoulder blades toward sit bones to lengthen neck.
Uttanasana armpits lifted as you fold
Down Dog arm pits lift up heart melted
Cobra move hands more forward if weight bearing on hands hurt. Lift chest and shoulders up, squeeze shoulders blades together to strengthen rhomboids which are in charge of holding scapula’s on back. Upper arm bones parallel to floor slide head and throat back.
Dolphin forearms on floor fingers interlaced. Arm bones lifted and heart melted
Forearm stand
Supta Restorative back work
take a blanket and make a skinny roll and place the bottom tips right above the blanket, arms in cactus shoulders should come to the floor. If it feels good on the low back you can extend the legs straight on the floor. If that is uncomfortable for the low back keep the knees bent soles of feet on floor and knock the knees together.
Down Dog- Uttanasana
 Seated Wrist stretches.
Watch the inside of your wrist as you extend your wrist back in the air. You might notice a little bulge that appears. That the wrist retinaculum. We don’t want that to bulge out so with your other hand wrap your hand around your wrist and the retinaculum and apply pressure into the forearm and traction it down. With your hand supporting you’re the retinaculum down you can stretch your wrist and hand in all different directions as you keep pulling the retinaculum down. Yummy. Repeat on second side. This will train that retinaculum to stay sucked into the forearm.
Table with hands a little further forward then shoulders and test the wrists after that wrist stretching retinaculum integration, the wrists should feel stronger
child’s with block under head arm pits suck up into shoulder sockets, heart melts.


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