Friday, May 17, 2013

Strong Arms Soft Heart Sequence

Life is always asking us can we be strong? Can we be soft? Can we draw in and take care of our self? Can we extend out and share ourselves with others?  
I think it is so cool that we can practice these on our yoga mat.
Principles of emphasis: open to grace aspect of lengthening side bodies, muscular energy and organic energy
Seated Meditation
manual inner spiral legs by grasping each thigh with both hands and rotating inner thigh in and broadening outer though out.
Tadasana half-moon side stretch
Supta Padangusthasana A-B
lift up the ball of the front foot for manual ankle loop
Uttanasana clasp hands behind back lengthen your side bodies toward the floor as you reach your arms toward the sk. Keep your arms and legs strong
Tadasasana clasp hands behind back

Surya Namaskar 5x
focus on the actions of the arms and shoulders. Strong, integrated, straight, with inner deltoid rotating toward the front of room and heart melted.
Pigeon Quad
start with a lifted pose so the hips are pretty high of the ground, then move the knee back further stay integrated with muscle energy by drawing the knees toward each other but you will be closer, but still lifted from the ground and take another quad stretch
Anjaneyasana twisted quad stretch
Mod. Parsvakonasana
cross hands behinds calves and hold on to the front of each shin, bend knees, engage muscles, draw shins in as you broaden thighs out, then scope tailbone press into feet and extend legs.

Baddha Konasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana
press hands into earth strongly, lengthen side bodies, melt heart, reach tail bone toward heels and straighten legs.
Bhujangasana lift one leg up at a time engage it then spiral each leg in lower leg and press toenails into mat, repeat with second leg. Root tail bone toward heals lengthen side bodies, expand rib cage and draw shoulders back.
Vrksasana engage your standing leg and press your bent leg foot strongly into thigh, once this strong muscle energy has been established rooted inner thighs toward back of room widening sit bones and then scope your tail bone into that space. Extending from hips into the ground and from hips up through your extended arms toward sky.
Vira 3 with your legs and arms muscularly engaged rotate your inner thighs in back and wide and scope your tail bone toward your heels lifting your low belly and puffing into your back body. Hug the legs and arms toward midline.
Ardha Chandrasana engage the muscles of the legs. I like to imagine there is a huge beach ball between my legs and isometrically draw the top leg down toward the midline isometrically pressing into the imaginary beach ball. Then extend from your hips into the standing foot, from your hips out the lifted leg, spine and arms.
Parsvotanasna bend both knees making it easier to draw the inner thighs in back and wide creating a healthy lordotic curve in the low back. Use your muscles to hold this good alignment as you straighten your legs –
Ardha Hanumanasna
squeeze your legs and arms together strongly. Bend your knees deeply rotate inner thighs in back and wide, scope tail bone and lift chest.
Wild Thing
Shoulder Stand

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