Sunday, May 26, 2013

15 weeks

Month 4!

Week 15

Maternity dress 15 weeks 5 days


Baby is the size of? Orange or Apple

What are this week’s major developments? One way to deal with the havoc of pregnancy hormones: Focus on how much is happening with your baby. She's about the size of an orange this week, her ears have migrated to the sides of her head, and her eyes are moving to the front of her face. Plus, your little smarty-pants can now wiggle her fingers and toes and make breathing movements in preparation for life outside the womb. (

Gender? BOY

Sleep? It is very easy to fall asleep these days I am so exhausted. I am also incredibly exhausted when I wake up. I have been trying to sleep on my left side this pregnancy to train myself for when I am no longer allowed to sleep on my back or tummy. Doctors say to stop sleeping on back between 15-20 weeks so I am now propping a pillow behind my back so I can’t roll over and if it I do its either uncomfortable so I wake up or Tyler lovingly pokes me and tells me I’m on my back. This is making sleep much less comfortable.

Food Cravings? I have been sick since Sunday. It’s been a week!!! I am so excited (knock on wood). Since I have been feeling better I have been trying to eat better. I have been eating lots of apples, string cheese, edamame, turkey avocado sandwiches, hummus and veggies and peanut butter/banana/honey sandwiches. I am a spicy food lover. But since the past few months every time I eat I don’t know if I will be sick after I cut way back on my spicy food. On Friday night I had a craving for Thai food and we ordered spicy delicious food and I didn’t get sick. Happy pregnant lady here.

What I miss? Arm balance yoga practice. Going to Adam’s (my main yoga teacher) classes and workshops.

What I love? It keeps sinking more and more am that I am pregnant which feels great + I LOVE NOT FEELING SICK every second + love knowing the gender and day dreaming about the future with Tyler.

Movement? I have thought I felt movement a few times this past week. It felt like a muscle spasm or twitch. I looked up what people say it feels like and they describe a fish swimming, butterflies flying, popcorn popping or a tapping feeling. So I am unsure if my muscle spasm feeling was baby boy or spasm. They say you feel movement between 16-20 weeks pregnant. I can’t wait to fill this little one moving. I have also been old that boys move more than girls.

Symptoms? Congested nose, heartburn, exhaustion, bloated.

Best moment of the week? My mom and I went maternity clothes shopping on Monday. It was really fun. I got a lot of pretty dresses and some much needed shorts. It was nice to spend time with my mom and talk about pregnancy.  Also this week I got my car detailed. No pregnancy related but much needed.

Exercise? I have been taking the dogs on an hour hike 5 times a week. I have also started doing squats. When we are on the hike and he dogs want to slow down or run of rail and explore I will do 10 squats at 10 different “rest” spots. Boy were my legs soar at first but I can feel them getting stronger. I have also been trying to lift weight 3-4x a week 10 mins is normally my max on weight lifting. I have also been doing a little yoga. Mostly hip, hamstring, quad openers.

Maternity Clothes? Yes!!

Meditation? I have been doing 20 min mediation at night before I go to bed to relax my body, connect with baby, and surrender to a higher power. I also find myself going into a little meditation when I sit down with nothing to do, I will close my eyes and feel the life inside my body.

Appointments? My next midwife appointment is in 2 and a half weeks and my next ultra sound is in a month.


On Monday we are going to Mexico!!! Cannot wait to relax with my husband and spend time with my sister who lives in a different state and create pregnant memories with my mom.

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