Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inner Spiral Class + Gratitude

I had a request for expanding (inner) spiral for my class at Sugar Space.

Principle of emphasis: muscle energy, inner spiral, outer spiral
Inner spiral is a rotation that happens on the vertical plane that creates an expansion on the horizontal plane. In Anusara we incorporate heart qualities and feelings into the alignment based practice.  In the beginning of today's class I encouraged my students to reflect on three blessings in their life for which they are grateful. So as they experience the expansion and widening that is created from the action of inner spiral they can fill themselves with the feeling of gratitude. At the end of the class I had them again think of three blessings either the same or new whatever came to mind first and I asked them to add themselves to the list. It was a great class. I had 2 students that were new to me and one of my students had a birthday so she demoed + rocked a handstand and we sang her happy birthday.

Dd-utt-urdhva hastasana-dd-vinyasa (lift one leg inner spiral pinkie toe to floor repeat)-cobra
Through utt:
High runners lunge- parsvot
High runners lung twist
L.L twist quad
L.L quad - half hanumanasana
Pigeon (Inner Spiral to square off hips)
1/2 hanuman twist- twisted trik variation [block]
Handstands at [wall]
W3- twisted W3 foot on [wall]- s.s
Partner S.S - handstand
Twisted trik at [wall]
Twisted trik
Virasana/Supta Virasana
Partner janusirsasana [strap]
symmetrical pose

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