Thursday, August 15, 2013

Strengthen Whats Weak

It is very common for people to have strong and tight outer hips + thighs and weak inner thighs. This causes lateral rotation of the femur bones and tuns the feet out like a ballerina. This lateral rotation of the legs causes the low back to flatten causing tightness and discomfort. In this scenario the outer hips/thighs are tight and strong and the inner thighs are weak.

In this mornings class at Avenues Yoga we focused on strengthening whats weak. We focused on the principles muscular energy to the mid line to strengthen the adductors (inner thigh muscles). Once the inner thighs are strong, and in particularly the back leg in asymmetrical pose, we practice expanding spiral drawing the inner thigh muscles in back and wide. This balances out the misalignment of the over exaggerated lateral rotation from strong outer thigh muscles cultivating space in the low back and creates a healthy lumbar curve in the spine with the sacrum going in and up. When the foundation of the spine moves into optimal alignment it will start to shift the other curves of the spine into better alignment as well. :)

It takes courage and willingness to look at our self. Both our physical poses as well as all parts of our selves to see where we can refine so we can become the best person we can be.

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