Saturday, August 17, 2013

Inner Spiral + Life is GOOD

Here are some notes from the class I taught at Sugar Space on Saturday. (I teach at an Anusara-Inspired yoga class at Sugar Space every Saturday 9-10:30 by donations in SLC, UT). Strong leg alignment refinements leading to an open and a spacious lower back + yummy forward folds.
One thing I love about practicing Anusara Yoga is the intention behind it. In classical yoga one of the main goals is to still the mind. In Anusara Yoga our main intention isn't to still the mind (but that does happen and its a great side effect) our aim is to get moments of recognizing ours elf as part of the Divine. We have a deep desire to know our self more fully (chit) and what we are at our essence is delightful and blissful. True we might not experience bliss all the time but if we look, turn with in, practice yoga asana... we will get glimmers of the light that shine through us.
I know for me I can be having a horrible day totally caught up in little cares and dramas but after I practice on my mat I am reminded LIFE IS GOOD, that I am inherently good even when I make mistakes. I even leave my mat with a deeper appreciation for my sad darker days, because just like with light and dark we cant appreciate the light with out the comparison of it to the dark. I talked about this in class at Sugar Space. I asked the students to reflex on how they are feeling when they showed up to practice and to look for those "ah-ha" moments throughout class when the light shines through the clouds and they feel connected to source. At the end of the class I again asked the students to reflect on how the felt compared to when they came in and all the students felt better, more connected, and more plugged in after the practice.

Principles of emphasis: inner spiral +shins in thighs out[  + outer spiral
DD->Uttanasana  me/is/manual shins in thighs out
Tadasana 3 person partner [2straps]
Surya Namaskar A
Through uttanasana:
High runners lunge-> Parsvottanasana
Lunge-> Parsvottanasana on pinky toe edge of back foot to exaggerated inner spiral
through AMS: 
Pigeon prep (Sternum over foot) 3 person partner [2 straps]
Active Pigeon prep->quad->deep pigeon
Low lunge with quad stretch
Trikonasana-> scandasana->ardha chandrasana -> urdhva prasarita eka padasana
Warrior 1 2x
5 mins in the next 3 hip openers:
Model pose adductor work
Baddha Konasana: against feet together, with block: narrow, medium, wide, then feet together 1min each (push into feet or block, draw adductor muscles up toward hips as you stretch knees away from eachother stretching inner thighs. After the block work when you repeat feet together knees will be noticeably closer to the floor.)
Uptavista konasana
Janusirsasana partner [strap]
Kurmasana (tortoise pose)

Enjoy the strong leg alignmnet work in this sequence and juicy forward folds. This class will cultivate openness in the hips + hamstrings while strengthening the core + legs to hold the new found freedom in the pelvis. 

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